Property Documents Verification

Real Estate and Property Development Laws

Augustus Law is a prominent new-age law firm that has the ability and competence to assist you with negotiation, drafting and finalisation of all appliable real estate documents and agreements and recording contractual obligations in relation to the same. Over the years, our law firm regularly counsel its trusted client base and have proven track record in advising developer entities, construction companies, land aggregators and investors, lenders, High Networth Individuals, etc on all aspects of general real estate laws in the state of Maharashtra and West Bengal including the following:

  • Property documents verification and review and providing strategic inputs in relation to the same
  • Property Due Diligence Services and Title Search Investigation Exercise,
  • Drafting of real estate transaction documentation including agreement for sale, sale deeds, commercial lease deeds, development agreements, construction contracts, facility management agreements, power of attorney, etc
  • Assistance in registration of all necessary documents including agreement for sale registration, sale deed registration, power of attorney registration etc
  • Rendering assistance to lenders in project finance transactions (including mortgage-based financing, leasing, etc)
  • Drafting and registration of mortgage documents and/ or applicable security creation documents for the purpose of creation and perfection of security in favour of banks and financial institutions
  • Effective handling of litigation matters involving resolution of disputes arising out of interpretation of the definitive real estate documents
  • Trust formation and estate administration; and
  • Legal guidance about the division of joint family property, matrimonial property, and gift property

In doing so, our lawyers are also familiar with state-specific legislation governing ownership, development controls, leasing, land ceilings, stamp duty and applicable registration formalities as applicable in the states of Maharashtra and West Bengal.