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Augustus Law is a new age law firm dedicated to accomplishing its client’s organizational commercial goals whilst ensuring all necessary legal and statutory compliance in accordance with applicable laws and prevalent regulations in India. At Augustus Law, we consider our clients’ interests paramount and strive with utmost effort to achieve the desired results customized to suit their specific requirements and needs.

We are a firm specializing in corporate and commercial laws, real estate laws and regulations, and banking and finance laws - with a key focus on stressed assets, bankruptcy, and insolvency practice. We have offices in Mumbai and Kolkata.

Legal Assignment Of Debt
Legal Assignment Of Debt

Name and Logo

Augustus, derived from the Latin word ‘Augere’ (meaning to increase) means "the illustrious one". It was a title bestowed upon the first emperor of the Roman Empire whose reign laid the foundations of a regime that lasted nearly fifteen hundred years.

Our logo is a stylised ‘A’ with a tie, overall representing the nib of a pen, conveying royalty, seriousness, intellect, and hard work that forms the core values of the firm.