Gaming Laws

Gaming Law

The Online Gaming industry in India has many offerings, including social gaming and casual gaming experience etc. We, at Augustus Law, understand issues and dynamics of gaming business coupled with issues pertaining to gambling laws in India. Our understanding of the evolving legislation in this field enables us to provide feasible solutions for our clients.

  • Advise on stake/ money-related online skill gaming in India along with relevant guidelines for online skill gaming for virtual space controlled by respective Gaming and Gambling legislations
  • Drafting legal documents in relation to all contracts, no disclosure agreements, licensing agreements etc
  • Advise clients on multi-jurisdictional regulatory filings and risk assessment advisory in-line with regulatory regimes of relevant jurisdiction
  • Assistance in obtaining licenses and permissions to maintain integrity in the ambit of online gaming to be in sync with state laws and permissions
  • Advisory on measures for responsible gaming
  • Assistance and representation of clients before relevant authorities;
  • To render advise on day-to-day challenges and drafting opinions on the legality of controversial issues in a commercially feasible manner.